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Once you've clicked to create a boids manager of any type, there should be a big menu that pops up, already setup, to create a boids flock. If you need any help with what each setting does, hover over the setting in question and a popup should appear to tell you what it does.

I could tell you what each thing does in a super long page but I'll just slap some tips down here instead so that it's more concise.

  1. The behaviours of Separation, Alignment and Cohesion should add up to a total of 1. The other behaviours (Leadership and Target Point) should be also kept pretty low so that they don't overwrite the preceding behaviours. Unless you want that, then go ahead pal.

  2. Local Area is calculated depending on how large the "No Clumping Area" is. This means if the latter area is greater than the Local Area, Alignment and Cohesion won't be accounted for.

  3. Following on from the previous statement, you can isolate individual behaviours by simplyzero-ing all other behaviours and setting the one you want to 1. This can help to familiarise yourself with the behaviour in question, and to see what it does individually.

  4. The Boid comes with a fish shader and material attached to it, that allows it to wave around like a fish. The performance overhead on this shader is very small as it is done on the object's shader. Free of charge. If you'd like to use this shader on your own boids, it can be found in the path of Flox/Boids/Prefabs/Materials/FishWave.mat. All you have to do is attach it to your boid GameObject and it should work. This DOESN'T work on the GPU boids script and ONLY works in URP as integration is incredibly complicated due to the nature of the URP ShaderGraph. Sorry to all you base renderer gamers.